Testimonials from Shunya Yoga
Montreal students.

  • I met Amir about 2 years ago, Since the first meeting I have had with him I am continuously impressed by his insightful talks filled with wisdom and compassion. Upon meeting him it was clear that he is someone that has deep insights and has integrated Yoga for a long time. I felt very calm ,relaxed, and at ease like I could truly be myself in his presence which can be hard otherwise. On our countless sessions we’ve had over the years Amir has countless times been able to change my stubborn perspective on life and offer new  insights on problems that I was so identified and attached to. He was able to come from a more holistic and mindful place than the head space I was in. He is a teacher and  an amazing friend to me,  someone I see as very important in my life. His lessons has pushed me to confront my obstacles and dive deeper in the practice, he is well-versed in sutras and can guide you on any questions you may have.

    He is very patient, intuitive, and has offered guidance on many  blindspots that I would have never thought of myself. He always saw the good in me even when I wasn't able to see it and as a result made me a more understanding and balanced person. A very patient guru that takes his time and will go out of his way to help you be a wiser and better person.
    Richard Lam
  • I met Amir in 2008 while completing a training program. I got to know him through countless hours of discussion and insight on topics touching on the nature of being, meditation, Zen, world religions, yoga and more. He doesn’t belong to any school of thought although he’s proficient in his understanding of many. A holistic approach, genuine, and unbiased. Excellent custom yoga classes and satsangs.
    Matei Goga
  • I was introduced to Amir through a friend who has been taking classes with him for quite some time. So far with Amir I have had nothing but a great experience! From the first moment I met Amir I knew and felt that I was in the presence of someone who was really peaceful, wise, and knowledgeable. Amir has helped me a lot in various ways and his guiding insight has helped me go within myself to overcome various obstacles and challenges. Working with Amir has been a really mystical and enlightening experience. I give my experiences a 10/10. He is also one of the most peaceful and balanced persons that I have ever met. I know I definitely will be attending more of his classes very soon, I truthfully recommend anyone who is new at yoga, or even experienced, to work with Amir.
    Eric Buchel
  • Shunya yoga is an offering that can be well-received at any level of practice, and a rare gem in the world of yoga in the West. What you will take away from one class could have effects on you for days, weeks, or years because what you are learning are life lessons, how to be balanced and complete within yourself. I truly believe that Amir’s teachings are given in a way in which everyone can benefit and each person can feel themselves progress on their unique path in life.
    Marina Salonga
  • Amir is the most insightful yogi and teacher I have ever met. The yoga he provides has helped me expand mentally and spiritually, as well as create a large change in my life for inner peace. His teachings are memorable and his stories are insightful. Being in his presence has made even the most stressful times balanced, putting my mind at ease. His teachings have allowed me to become more conscious of my conditioning, disperse my fear, and allow me to be a balanced individual. I will always remember Amir and his teachings. He has helped me clean toxins from my body, enter into deeper silence, and get rid of such immense pain and narcissism. I will always consider Amir a teacher, helper and a friend who has helped me for the better.
    Matt Decar