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Wear comfortable and loose clothing, preferably bring your own mat, arrive on an empty stomach, and become absorbed into a realm of inner understanding, bliss, and silence through the yogic sciences. Please check the class schedule below. Note that if you would like to hear specific subjects being explored as part of the ongoing series of talks and discourses by Amir Mourad, you are welcome to submit a question or a suggestion through email: info@shunya-yoga.com


$20 per class or $180 for 8 classes.

Payable by cash or through Paypal.

Please click on the items in the class schedule for more details of events. Namaste ૐ


  • The address, dates, and and times for classes may be subject to change from time to time depending on schedule. Please be certain to check the details of the events in the class schedule.
  • Classes at the Shunya Yoga Meditation Hall take place at : 4584 St.Denis, #307, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2J1L3
  • Classes at Equilibrium take place at : 4812 St.Laurent, #101, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2T1R5
  • It is necessary to reserve your space. Please try to reserve at least 24 hours in advance through email – contact@shunyayoga.ca
  • If this is your first time attending class, or if you have attended a class before but have not filled out the Wavier Form, please download it HERE and bring it with you to class or submit it through email.

Phone Number (514) 680-1665